'Tis The Season...

December 23, 2004

... for snowstorms. On my way into Akron last night I wound up doing 30 on the interstate because nobody had actually gotten around to plowing the snow. Once I got on I-77 it was even worse; traffic was moving slower than your average rush hour. I only got to see one car spun out in the median, though.

Looking out the window, my car looks like it belongs in The Day After Tomorrow with all the icicles hanging from it. Good thing I don't really have to go anywhere until tomorrow night.

Oh, and just as an FYI related to Tuesday's entry: When you've been driving a truck that requires a heavy foot to brake for most of a weekend, getting back in your car seems weird -- the first few times you brake you practically put the pedal through the firewall and yourself through the windshield. And that's after panicking and thinking your brake lines have burst because there's so little resistance to the mashing you're doing.

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