Slow progress is still progress

February 16, 2024

I had to buy a new pair of jeans recently. And for once they're a smaller size than the old ones.

I'm down to a 44-inch (112cm) waist, and about 230 pounds (104kg). That got me wondering how long it had been since I'd seen the metric milestone of 100kg (220lbs). I figured it had been quite a while, probably the last time I got serious about my diet back before I brought Ginger home.

Turns out I was very wrong. When I wrote about getting a dog, I weighed in at 175 pounds (80kg). That was actually pretty close to my weight goal of 170. And I was that weight as recently as 2008! I've really done a number on myself the last 16 years.

At my heaviest, before I caught Covid over Christmas 2021, I weighed in at 265 (120kg). It took me almost a full year to get down to 234. And another year after that to get to 230. So that goal of 170 is probably more than a bit aspirational. Can't hurt to try though.

On the upside, this feels more sustainable. I've gotten myself into a rhythm with the walking and I'm slowly whittling away at how much I eat. Even improving my diet a little bit, little things like lunch meat or tuna salad sandwiches instead of PB&J. I still go out to eat too often though, but that'll probably always be the case given how little enjoyment I get out of cooking for just myself.

But hey, new pants.

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