New Housing Development

They just spring up like weeds around here.

aerial.jpg Google Maps' aerial photogaphy shows the area as it was before I moved in. The development itself is to the right of Pickwick and north of US-29 (Lee Highway). The CVS is at the corner of Pickwick and 29. My apartment is on Winding Oak Circle, south of 29. The road that doesn't really go anywhere isn't on the map; the road it does show is to the right of house #4. There was a little more there when I moved in, but not much.

20050630-1.jpg June 30: Not much directly across from me except an empty field and a street that doesn't really go anywhere.

20050630-2.jpg June 30: The other end of the development, where houses are already mostly-built.

20050721-1.jpg July 21: Two new house frames across the street, one of which has roof trusses in place.

20050729-1.jpg July 29: The two houses from the last picture have the paper stuff on them, and a third house is going up.

20050730-1.jpg July 30: Taken from my window (hey, it was hot out), the third house has its roof and a fourth one is being built.

20050807-1.jpg August 7: All four houses have their paper now, and their shingles.

20050824-1.jpg August 24: House #1 has its siding mostly on.

20050826-1.jpg August 26: House #1's siding is done, and house #2's has been started and finished in the previous 48 hours.

20050828-1.jpg August 28: Now the third house has some siding on it. I think the tan look is just color-correction; it looks white to me.

20050828-2.jpg August 28: When I put the album together I realized I never showed the far end of the development (heading east on US-29) — those four houses are by no means the only ones there.

20050828-3.jpg August 28: Looking past house #1. There are more houses visible, and a cleared area where another house will probably go. I guess I'll have to call it "house #0" now.

20050828-4.jpg August 28: That road from earlier that doesn't go anywhere in particular. The foundation for yet another house is easy to see, with a rock wall behind it. If there were a sidewalk on the other side of the street I'd go over for a closer shot.

20050828-5.jpg August 28: And behind that rock wall is a giant pile of dirt. Behind the pile are the construction "offices" (a.k.a. "trailers") and beyond that is the CVS I have to Frogger my way across 29 to get to.