USAFA Summer Scientific Seminar Day 1

June 19, 1993

While I was poking around through some old files I found a journal I kept while I was at the Summer Scientific Seminar at the US Air Force Academy between my 11th and 12th grade years. This was a program for prospective cadets that lasted a week during the summer. I'm pretty sure there were multiple weeks to get as many people in as possible. I'm adding them in and back-dating them, so once I have them set up I'll have to add 1993 to the Brain Farts navigation.

Any modern-day (2006) notes will be in italics, like these. Now, on with the show...

21:08 MDT: First day wasn't so bad, just boring. Ate one of the box lunches -- they're just as bad as in DC. Went out and played volleyball at about 1:30. Got sunburned already. Dinner was fine (country-fried steak). Orientation meeting was BORING. Not even 10:00 and I'm already tired.

Note: When the scout troop would go on road trips we'd frequently stay at Air Force bases or (less frequently) Army forts -- I think one of the Assistant Scoutmasters was a reservist and before 2001 nobody had a problem with letting a few dozen civilians set up sleeping bags on the gym floor. Anyway, we'd usually grab boxed lunches from the commissary for while we were out and about. They were about half a step above MREs, but that didn't necessarily make them palatable.

June 20, 1993