June 20, 1993

13:23 MDT: Went on the Pike's Peak tour this morning. Wasn't cloudy this morning -- could see for miles. Right now, just playing solitaire with my roommate's cards.

Yep, that's me. Everyone else is out socializing and I'm holed up in my room playing cards. Go me.

21:34 MDT: Right after I wrote that I went to the gym and played basketball. I contributed as much as always -- very little. Then I went to the TV room and watched the Phoenix-Chicago game. The Bulls were up 6 when I left for the "pizza feast" (3 slices). I've heard rumors that the Bulls won but I'll see for sure tomorrow. Maybe it's the altitude, but I'm already damn tired again. Maybe I'll read my roommate's comic books until 10 or 10:30. More tomorrow.

And reading his comic books. And you people laugh when I say that I've improved over the years.

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