June 21, 1993

13:09 MDT My first workshop went well. It was Computer Science. Turbo Pascal, what they use, doesn't quite do as much as Macontosh Pascal. My "workshop" this afternoon is free time. I'm stuck in here for the next three hours unless someone decides to take us to the gym again, like yesterday. I found out the Suns did lose, damnit. The Bulls three-peated. More tonight.

15:48 MDT: It's not tonight yet, but I've been playing solitaire for 2½ hours now.

20:56 MDT: After dinner, we watched a TV show made a couple years ago about USAFA called "Wild Blue U." After that, some of the cadets answered questions about their fourth-class years. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

During the rec period, I played walleyball. Our teams were well-balanced. We tied the series at 3-3 then redrew teams and had a 1-1 series before we had to go. This morning we took our group picture. We sat on a hill for 10 minutes while a dumb-ass driver and a dumber-ass 10-year-old figured out they were between us and the camera. All for today.

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