June 22, 1993

21:06 MDT: Today was much better. I had two workshops today so I didn't have to sit on my ass for three hours. It was a two-parter on computer-aided drafting. The tutorial was pretty easy (a doorknob) and I started my own project near the end of the first class (a house). I finished it in the second class and printed it on the B/W laser. Then I made a picture of the Cadet Chapel. It's kinda realistic. It has the basic shape on it, but it's like, half-there.

Oh well, everyone knows what it is. We saw a movie today on Einstein after dinner, and it still confuses the hell out of me. Reading my roommate's novel. Kinda boring, but what else is new? Tomorrow is the math workshop and another "free period" (hot damn).

Almost forgot -- walleyball today: 0-6 record. Three against two (I was always on a three). My teams SUCKED so bad, it was unbelieveable. More tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure that printout of the chapel building is still floating around here somewhere. I'll have to see about getting that scanned and posted here.

Hm. All my teams sucked. Nope, couldn't have been my fault. Not at all.

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