June 23, 1993

22:49 MDT: Slept through reville this morning. Bryan woke me up about 20 minutes before we had to meet for breakfast. I took the coldest damn shower of my life and made it to the 4th Squadron CQ desk with about three seconds to spare. Workshop #1 was math. We did probability and statistics, which I already knew, but I did get to use a lap-top computer -- yay.

Had free period again. Went to the C-Store to kill some time and read more of Bryan's book -- it ain't too bad, just drawn out. Played walleyball again in the rec period and actually won a couple. Two-man teams still beat us though.

Went to a chemistry/physics show. The guy mixed glycerol with a mystery substance (KMnO4 -- we did it in Chmistry class) and they burned.

Up to page 410 in a 1270-page book. I don't think I'll make it to the end.

There's this cute girl named Jennifer; I wish I could work up the nerve to talk to her without feeling like a dumb-ass. Last entry tomorrow.

Heh. Laptops were new enough that I took note of it. Of course, back then the computer they made you buy on enrollment was a 386. And you'll note from the last paragraph that I have indeed always been a shy, no-condfidence-having mofo.

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