June 24, 1993

11:04 MDT: Had my last real workshop -- Economics -- this morning. For free time today, I'll probably go to the Visitors Center and spend my last $4. Mostly packed and ready to go. Got "graduation" tonight. Not bad for a week. I'd probably like it here, if'n'when I come. Spent my last picture on the Cadet Chapel. I might add something about tonight when I get home.

For now, fini.

Well, that does it for the journal. I don't really remember much about the week I spent there. I have fragments of a physics demonstration when we proved that the best trajectory for a catapault is 45°. There was a lecture on energy vs. work somewhere in there (it takes energy for a magnet to hold another magnet against gravity, but since it doesn't move no work is done). I remember trying to draw the Cadet Chapel (a really neat-looking building) on the computer; I think it might have been a really old version of AutoCAD since the first thing we drew was a doorknob. I remember another one of the kids twisting his ankle playing walleyball for some reason, but the rest of the week has suffered the ravages of time and beer.

And of course, I didn't get into USAFA. A girl from my high school, who was also in all the advanced classes, did get in. Given how NROTC turned out, I'm guessing the Academy would have been an even worse idea, so it probably worked out best for everyone involved that she went instead of me.

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