Getting in Shape If it Kills Me

April 11, 2001

Time to get back to Brain Farts. Been busy lately. Had to work a lot of overtime at the end of last week, then yesterday I just didn't feel like staring at a monitor. But I'm feeling back to (what passes for) normal now.

I started rollerblading today. I've decided to lose my beer gut, and I've come to the sad realization that I'll have to exercise to do it. So I plan on skating back and forth on the Eliza Furnace Trail along Second Avenue in South Oakland every day throughout the summer, and into the fall. I figure I'll start slowly (just once out and back today) and gradually build up as my metabolism rises to the occasion.

I've also starting eating a little better. I haven't gone completely crazy -- I just like fattening foods too much -- but I am at least cutting back a little bit. If I put up a really enthusiastic post in mid-June, it's working. If I don't, it probably isn't.

Beer's gonna be tough though. I don't drink very often, but beer is just so good.

How are things shaping up as of Day One? Well, my feet hurt, my ankles hurt, my shins hurt, and I learned you have to cinch those skates up tight to use them properly. But I think I'll be OK in the evening and go at it again. Gotta start somewhere.

Think losing 25 pounds is too great a goal?

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