Random Thoughts

April 12, 2001

Not much happening today, so I'll just toss a few nuggets out there.

· Got a little vindication from our project manager today. Apparently both her and her husband have been ready to beat the snot out of dick-boy. Always nice to know I'm not the odd person out.

· Skated for the second time Wednesday. Got all the way to the jail this time, instead of turning around at the end of the Eliza Furnace Trail. Feet weren't as sore as yesterday, but the toes on my right foot were numb. Guess I had that skate done up a little too tightly.

· Clients are idiots. There, I said it.

· Conversely, I like doing client work. I don't think I could stay interested in a single site once it was built. That's how it was at CMU BME. Of course, there I'd have stretches of weeks at a time where all I had to do was play Team Fortress Quake.

· The Penguins start their playoff series tonight at 7:38. I may have to drive in slight excess of the speed limit to make it home in time. Hope my mother and stepfather understand my need to confiscate the TV, seeing as how it's the playoffs and all...

· Nobody's reading these things anyway, but in case someone is, there won't be any more Brain Farts until next week dues to my being in Akron over the Easter weekend. Ya don't have to believe in god to get a free meal out of him :)

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