Movin' In

August 13, 2001

It's official; I know live at the apartment I've been paying rent on since August 1st (it's now the morning of the 9th). Last night, Rob and Dave helped me move my bed and computer in, so with the exception of a few t-shirts all my stuff is at the new place now. Slept there last night; it was fuckin' HOT in that bedroom. This place has no air circulation at all. I'm gonna need either a pair of giant window fans, or an air conditioner.

This weekend I'm getting my last bit of stuff, and putting my old Ikea desk in the basement until I can sell it on the b-board at CMU. If I'm lucky I'll get $60 for the whole thing. Then I'm going out and buying a TV.

Maybe it'll look like somebody actually lives there by the time I leave for my step-brother's wedding on the 15th.

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