I'm Such a Pain

August 14, 2001

I realized last night what a pain in the ass I'm probably being to my friends talking about my move all the time. I can't help it; I tend to be really talkative when I think I have something to share. And since this apartment is a new thing for me1 I've basically been going on about it both in the real world and here.

The good thing is, I'm pretty much done. I've found all the idiosyncarcies and problems in my apartment, and I'm at least deciding what I want to do about them. So my friends (and my reader(s)) should be getting a reprieve from my inane chatter.

1. OK, how does a nearly-25-year-old move into an apartment for the first time in his life? Well, I lived at home until I left for college, then spent a year in a dorm and three and a half years in the fraternity house, followed by two and a half years splitting a house with my college friends. Which brings me to here-and-now.

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