Jason's TV Reviews

November 15, 2001

On the block today is Enterprise. A few other people have made comments along the lines of "pleasantly surprised after Voyager," so I'll spare you my iteration of it. (Or not.)

Anyway, better writing and acting aside, here's a few Good Things that I've noticed:

So all in all, I think it's a good show. My only real gripe is that the ship is too spacious. The original series' USS Enterprise was fairly cramped -- only the senior officers had a lot of living space. On the 22nd-Century USS Enterprise, everyone seems to have more space in their quarters than I have in my apartment. There are other things like sound in space and "streaking" stars passing by at warp speeds, but I've just gotten used to those.

So to summarize, good show. Watch. UPN needs the ratings ;)

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