How Sad Is This?

November 16, 2001

The last few nights, I've been watching a Sci-Fi Channel mini-series giving the backstory of the series Lexx. For those of you who know good TV when you see it (and thus avoid Lexx) the series basically revolves around the concept of "Hey, here's a really attractive woman in skimpy clothing on a spaceship." From what I've seen, individual episodes don't have much along the way of plot (probably by design).

But this eight-hour mini-series actually has something kind of like a plot. And it ain't bad. Kinda like the Batman series from the '60s -- schlock, but funny. So I watched all four episodes.

Or maybe I'm so desperate for something to watch on TV that even this will do. I'm sure the attractive woman in skimpy clothes has nothing to do with it ;)

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