Having lots of money doesn't mean the reality check won't bounce...

June 13, 2003

Well, well, well. Looks like Mario Lemieux is threatening to move the Penguins out of town if the city doesn't promise him a new arena in the next two months. "This club is a free agent in 2007" at the end of its contract to use Mellon Arena, he said.

What a dumbass. Hey, Mario, take a look around: Those nifty stadiums along the Allegheny were built with state money 'cause nobody wanted those, either. And now the state's having money troubles. Have you been reading the paper about how the bus system is running millions in the red due to Rendell slashing the state money coming in? Have you noticed that the tax base here is less than half of what is was 30 years ago? Did you see how the city is thinking of doing asinine things like a drinks tax or multiplying the occupational tax by a factor of 10 to make ends meet?

And you honestly expect us to fall over ourselves to build a new arena for one of the worst teams in the league when you can't even fill the one you've got now? Well, enjoy whatever poor city has to suffer through more of the Pens' losing seasons. 'Cause I doubt you'll be missed here.

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