"Here I am, on the road again..."

June 16, 2003

It's official; I've got an apartment for next month. Dropped off the lease and security deposit earlier this week. Now I have to pay for two apartments worth of rent in July :/

I'm moving a couple blocks over to the other side of the East Busway, into Shadyside. Rent's going up, but I have a nicer apartment to show for it: No cat-pee stink, no water seeping in, no landlord who thinks repairs are optional. A little smaller, but I'll take it gladly to be out of here.

Oh, I also have a dishwasher (no more dish Jenga!) and a garbage disposal (no more funny-smelling kitchen trash can!). That extra $125 a month doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

Anyway, I'll be moving in mid-July so there may be a minor hiccup in new entries then. Kinda doubt it though, since I'll be able to post from work.

Ugh. Three years, three apartments. Plus schlepping office stuff in December '01. I'm really sick of hauling boxes around.

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