Strange, But True: Redux

July 18, 2003

Not quite as odd as meeting the neighbor last August, but there's enough of a coincidence to make me dig up a year-old link.

I get home from work Wednesday night and see three girls standing around by the front door. I say hi to them as I enter the building. A couple of 'em are cute, the third would take a few beers. Anyway, I figure they're waiting for someone in the building to come and let them in, so I don't think anything of it.

Grab the mail, come back up to the main landing. They're still there. I open the door. "Are you all waiting for someone?"

Turns out they're renting one of the apartments in the building (they just signed the lease) and are waiting for the maintenance guy to open it up so they can take a look. (Yes, "they." I'm guessing it's only two of the three, since these apartments aren't huge to begin with.) "We're going to be neighbors," one of them says. "We're in 207." Kick ass. I'm in 206, across the hall and over a few feet.

They ask if I know how to get to CMU from the building, and I do. (More Asian CMU students. This is where I remembered last August.) I offer to let them in so they can see if the apartment's open, but they decide to wait for Maintenance Guy.

I'm guessing they start their senior year this coming fall (since they're pooling money for a small-ish apartment), making them 21 or so, and will begin renting August 1st. This could be... interesting.

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