It's Never Simple, Is It?

July 21, 2003

Found out why my DSL line hasn't been activated yet. Apparently, the order canceled itself since the phone line wasn't active yet. Utterly brilliant.

So I re-submitted by activation request (why, oh why, must I activate something I already have?) and it should be hooked up next Thursday. 'Cause that's the soonest some tech can take 5 seconds to throw a fucking switch.

I swear, if Comcast wasn't trying to shaft me on basic cable (42 dollars a month?!) I'd be getting a cable modem right now. It'd almost be worth changing local phone companies over this, if I wouldn't probably have to go through Verizon anyway.

Edit: I couldn't get a cable modem even if I wanted to; Comcast's upgrades to Pittsburgh's cable system apparently don't include Internet service. Wonderful.

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