June 24, 2004

· Managed to borrow a stopwatch for some laps yesterday.
1) 2:04.74 ("Woohoo! Eight-minute mile!")
2) 2:30.69 ("Jason, Wall. Wall, Jason.")
3) 2:46.30
4) 2:41.97
Total time was 10:03.70. I really ought to try for two miles now, so I can get 20 minutes' worth out of these trips to the track.

· I decided that I'm going to try running every day, or something like every day. I'm going running again tonight, to see how I do after running yesterday. I'll probably wind up skipping Fridays and one other day during the week, but five days is probably better than three.

· Got the BTEC machine mostly figured out last night. (It got partially toasted during an electrical storm a couple weeks ago.) It looks like maybe one of the memory slots got fried along with the DIMM in it, 'cause the RAM that we tried to install the first time was right. I know that it needs a DIMM in slot 0 to work at all; I wonder if, after that, slot 1 can be bypassed.

· Haven't heard back on a freelance project I was kind of interested in working on. I hope I didn't scare off the project manager by saying that I don't know anything about making a site work in Russian (it'd be a multi-lingual site). It's obviously possible, as the number of domains in .ru will attest to, I just don't know if it can be done without installing a bunch of stuff on my home machine.

· I'm pretty sure my connection problems at home are the result of a flakey DSL modem; I think it may have cooked itself at some point. Lucky for me, Rob has one laying around since he's now on cable modem.

· Decided not to visit Akron for the Fourth of July weekend, since I'll be there twice next month for my stepsister's wedding and my high school reunion. Don't know whether I'll bother seeing the fireworks here.

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