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June 25, 2004

A friend of mine is seeing Farenheit 9/11 tonight. I'm torn; a serious look at the movie isn't possible without seeing it but I have no desire to provide Michael Moore with any more excuses to make "documentaries" by giving him my money. This would be so easy if I was willing to run Kazaa Lite.

Anyway, Moore said he went through some more vetting for this one than he did with Bowling for Columbine. Of course that doesn't mean anything: If I check my sources I can get away with a lot of stuff that isn't true. For instance, if I say that the latest edition of the National Inquirer reports that Hitler and John Kennedy are living it up in South America that would be true as long as it's in the Inquirer. Whether it's actually happening is irrelevant, as long as I phrase my statement properly.

Now, Christopher Hitchens has already torn Moore a new one. Part of me is glad to see it happen; Moore is the left's version of Rush Limbaugh and falls back on the same "but I'm an entertainer!" whining when he gets caught bullshitting people. But there are none so zealous as a convert, and Hitchens is ravenous in his defense of all things Bush.

The amusing thing is, since this is an election year (and you know it's on purpose) Moore may have some trouble advertising his flick. McCain-Feingold says that corporations can't have political candidates in commercials after a certain point (July 31st, going from memory, I could be wrong). Since Bush is running for president and the movie's basically about him, Moore will be limited in what he can show on TV. Of course, Moore's not an idiot, and leaving himself 5 weeks of advertising (to make up for the five-week advnatage Bush will have over Kerry?) will leave plenty of time to get the word out before Those Evil Conservatives shut him down.

Bah. I'm sick of all of it. A pox on all their houses.

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