Research is Key

June 28, 2004

When you give an award, it's always good to check out your recipient first:

CINCINNATI - A former bookkeeper praised by President Bush for turning around her life with help from a social-services agency still owes at least $300,000 to the company she was convicted of stealing from, according to court records and the business owner.


Morin said Thursday that she received about $1,000 in restitution while Tami Jordan was in a work-release program and her wages were garnished. She said Jordan has paid nothing since finishing her sentence.


During a visit Monday to Talbert House, a Cincinnati social-service agency that helps former convicts, Bush praised Jordan as a "good soul" and an "inspirational person" who was making the best of her second chance.

Hey, Bush's guys are almost as crooked as Reagan's. Maybe embezzlement is inspirational to them...

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