This Shit's Getting on My Nerves

October 14, 2004

Just went outside to drive somewhere -- stop me if you've heard this one before -- and guess what: My car took a shit! Again! For the second time in two weeks!

Sounds like my starter -- the one I replaced two years ago even though it wasn't the problem -- is gone. At least I think that's it; when I turn the key all I get is a clickclickclickclick noise instead of the engine trying and failing to turn over. As an added bonus, the first time I tried to crank the thing it did turn over once before dying and doing the clickclickclick thing.

So unless the thing miraculously starts tomorrow morning -- and that's only slightly less likely than Kirsten Dunst showing up at my door and saying, "hey, big boy, take me now" -- I'm going to have to have it towed over to Walters.

Hey, somebody's got to pump money back into the local economy. Might as well be me, right?

A newish car, say a 2001 or 2002, would probably cost me at least $200 a month in payments. That's $2400 a year. This piece of shit is currently running $2175.67 (discounting standard stuff like oil changes and inspections) for this year. It's skating on some pretty fucking thin ice.

Edit, 8PM: It's just the battery, the starter is most likely fine. But since the battery drained for no good reason I'm going to have them replace it -- it was getting kind of old anyway. I'm going to have them check the other things just to make sure. I know I'm paying for peace of mind at this point, but I've gotten paranoid when it comes to this car.

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