'Cause We're All Just Apes

October 15, 2004

When I thought my car was dead I got a little pissed off. I came back inside and winged my keys at the wall. Left a nice little mark.

Now, those 4 keys and the remote-entry thing can't weigh more than a few ounces. But it was amazingly cathartic to just heave that keyring across the room.

And I now have a new crackpot theoy: Humans are animals, and have violent impulses. Those impulses must be released from time to time to avoid having Bad Things happen. I wonder how many murders or assaults take place just because someone finally snapped. Who knows, maybe those violent video games actually help kids cope, since they can blow stuff up over and over again without actually hurting somebody.

Or maybe I'm just trying to retroactively justify having an "Og smash!" type of moment.

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