Coffee Anon

May 1, 2008

One of the neighbors I talk to frequently at the dog park just bought a Keurig single-serving coffee-maker on a recent trip to Costco. It makes a 7.25-ounce cup of coffee in about 30 seconds (hence the horrible pun in the title). I asked them to get me one if they were still there the next time.

Wonderful people that they are, they did. After a quick walk over to their place with checkbook in hand, I now possess one of my own. For $20 less than Keurig shows on the web site I got an extra 72 "K-cups," the one-serving packets of grounds. They're the size of overgrown creamer packets.

It doesn't make a half-bad cup of coffee, accounting for the fact that I haven't sampled all the types of coffee I know have. And it can be ready in under a minute. I think my mornings just got more tolerable.

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