Putting Down Roots, Kind Of

May 2, 2008

I just realized as I was trying to go to sleep tonight that I've been here for quite a while now. Not NoVA in general -- my 10½ years in Pittsburgh still dwarf my 3 here -- but this is the longest I've been in a single domicile since I was in college.

I was in the Loretta St. and Negley Ave. apartments for a year each, and the Alder St. apartment for about a year and a half. Before all that I was on Beechwood Blvd. for about two years and eight months.

In college I lived at the fraternity house for three years and three months (I'll ignore moving within the house since both internal moves were for a grand total of about 75 feet), which I'm very close to equaling right now... I'm at 37 months here. And before that I lived in the dorm for a year, preceded my living at my stepfather's house for about three years.

My lease ends next March 31st, and I plan on buying a house before then. Hopefully to move in right as my lease here expires. By the time I'm ready to move out I'll have been here for four years (maybe a little less). The only place I've ever lived at longer than that was the house I grew up in, from 1979 through 1991. (I have only a couple fragmentary memories of the duplex my parents lived in from before I was born until the summer of '79. I've lived here longer than I lived there, though.)

Assuming I stop moving around after I buy the house (and assuming, of course, that I buy a house), I'd have to live there until the spring of 2021 to match the time I put in at the house in Goodyear Heights (wow, you really can find anything on Wikipedia).

And that, my friends, is what it takes for me to keep a writing streak up for a week nowadays. I have a post on linguistics bouncing around in my head, but I doubt I'll be able to put finger to keyboard any time soon -- Iron Man opens this weekend.

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