Plenty of Something

April 6, 2015

So after my first attempt at online dating a few years ago ended with me not actually doing anything, I decided to try again. By which I mean, "actually try". I've gone in on this app and set myself up an account. Of course, it suggests I upload some pictures of myself. I mean, of course it does. Except I don't really take pictures of myself very often. I know what I look like, after all.

OK, let's see. I went to an Indians game over the July Fourth weekend last year, and took a picture of myself wearing a silly balloon hat. That could work. I scroll back through the phone's photo gallery and find the pic. Except on further review it looks less like a brightly-colored balloon baseball cap and more like a brightly-colored balloon penis.

(So I blurred the image to protect your eyes)

All right, that's a non-starter. Hmm, what else. Well, when I was in the U.K. back at the end of 2013 I had my friend take a picture of me while I was on the London Eye. That ought to be just fine.

I'm not all that photogenic...


This may take a while.

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