January 1, 2017

Heh. I'd forgotten all about the entry that was here. I'd written it shortly after I started playing Ingress back in 2015 and accidentally published it before it was done. Since I don't have a means to unpublish something I pushed it out a year and a half and figured I'd get back to it.


Anyway, not much about that post was accurate any more. At the time I was salty about how much easier it is to wreck than build, especially with the mismatch between the level 6 weaponry I had at the time and the level 8 stuff the other team's players were using to vaporize my stuff in very little time.

Since then the game has made some changes, both in gameplay and items available, and I leveled up as far as you can in the game (level 16). I still think the game skews a bit toward offense, but the dedicated destroyers dislike the defensive improvements that have been made. So it's probably just a matter of "the stuff I like to do isn't simple enough for my taste." I can live with that.

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